Electronic data transfer

You want to transfer data to jung diagnostics.

We provide a secure and robust electronic transfer service for free which can be operated in two ways:

In the first case a JAVA client is needed, which gets automatically installed if the link below is followed. As a prerequisite, JAVA has to run on your computer. Then with a simple drap-and-drop procedure your selected data files are moved to the transfer window of the client. Hereafter you can start the transfer by clicking the send button.

JAVA client based transfer

For the second case data are transfered via your internet browser. Please pack data files into a single file (via zipping) before you use this tool since each file has to be selected individually.

browser based transfer

To protect your email message which contains the link to the data a password is required.

Our data security policy and more details on this service can be found at

You have further questions or encounter problems, please drop us an email ( service [at] jung-diagnostics [dot] com ) or call +49 40 - 81 97 69 67 - 12.

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